Raylight LED strobes brightness is comparable to the best Xenon strobes on the market and have been developed by a team of ex-Airbus avionics engineers.

Raylight innovative technology allows very low power consumption on a constant amperage supply. Strobe instantaneous power reaches 120 Watts. This power supplies at least 20 6-Watt LEDs with an output of 20,000 Lumens.

They combine the advantages of Xenon and LED strobes:
 • One of the most powerful flashes on the market
 • Low consumption and sustainable product
 • Very light
 • No radio interference thanks to an innovative system
 • No length or section constraint for 12V wires
 • Assembly in line with the most common standard
• Water and dustproof
• Aerodynamic design and shape.

The strobe system comes with a 2 year guarantee.
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